Shout Out To My Sole Mate

Nine years ago, a significantly younger, less athletic, more boozy version of me met a guy. Little did I know he would be the love of my life and my SOLE mate.

sole mateWe met through friends on a random weekend attending a rodeo. Somehow we hit it off, despite living five hours away from each other. Over the next couple of years, we struggled through a long distance relationship. After two years, we met in the middle and moved in together in the same city.

Fast forward to today. We have a house, a dog, two cats, lots of laughs, lots of struggles, and plenty of running miles behind us.

You see, this guy is the reason I am a runner. Why I have a blog. Why I am who I am today.

I remember the day that I decided I could run a 5k. I was sitting at a local pub with my partner and another friend (the friend who introduced us in the first place). My partner was training for his second marathon. He’s a nut and jumped right into full marathons before even running an official half. My friend was training to swim the leg of an Ironman. I was sitting there with these two amazing people who were challenging their bodies in ways I couldn’t even fathom. Plus, they were eatisole mateng portions of food I could only dream. I decided if they could do these amazing feats, I could run a 5k.

My partner has been with my every step of the way on my running journey. At the beginning, he literally was – slowing down his pace to run with me on my beginning runs, when I was starting Couch to 5k. When I had gained a bit of confidence, he stopped coming on my runs because, well, my pace was too slow. He was by my side the entire time during my first run – Color Me Rad. Since the first day, he has come to every single race with me, whether or not he is running it himself. Sometimes I’m stuck waiting for him at the finish line and sometimes he’s stuck waiting for me.

He’s the one that I text on my long runs when they are horrible and I want to quit. He lets me focus all of my running rage on him – especially when he eggs me on to not quit on my runs and I get to use that rage to fuel my runs. This guy makes me dinner when I’m hangrily stomping around the kitchen. He is always up to go to the gym with me, often having to drag me there. He helps me map out running routes, so I don’t get lost and I can hit my goal distance. Ha – he even is the editor and photographer for this blog! (editor’s note- it’s true)

sole mateI’m lucky enough to have someone like him to listen to me chatter on and on about training plans, intervals, bad runs, good runs, big scary goals, itty bitty goals, eating enough, not eating enough, hating running, loving running, cross training, anxiety about finish times, what Instagram runner I’m currently fangirling over, and how fast elite runners cross the finish line at the latest marathon.

Nine years ago, I met someone who has changed the path of my life for the better. Nine years ago, I met my sole mate. Love you, CPT.

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