dog anxiety

My Dog is Both the Best and Worst Thing For My Anxiety

Ever since I was little, I wanted a dog. Something adorable and smelly to chase around the backyard. To sneak my vegetables to under the table when I didn’t want to eat them. To cuddle up with on cold winter nights. Well, it took 27 years, but I finally got that dog. I’ve mentioned my

Armed with Will and Determination…

I am going to do the unthinkable, well… for me anyway. I am going to run consistently, for the next few months, without a race on my calendar. I’m not the greatest at running and training regularly without something to motivate me. I’ve written about it time and time and time again. But, friends, it is about

Your Mix and Match Self-Care Snack Pack

I have been talking about self care a lot. It’s become a staple phrase in my vocabulary. If you would have told the Laurie of six months, a year ago that these words would be a staple in our vocabulary, she would have laughed at you. I’ve written about this topic before and I know I

Why My Mental State and My Hands Go… Hand in Hand

If you ever want a glimpse into what is going on in my head, take a look at my hands. No – I don’t mean trembling, shaking, sweaty hands. I get those on occasion, too. But I mean, actually LOOK at my hands. I’ve been picking at the skin around my nails for as long