Switching Gears: In Defense of the Mighty Treadmill

We are in the dead of winter here in Canada – and yes, I’m well aware that it isn’t even winter yet and it’s only November. I am a giant suck and a fair-weather runner, who happens to have a gym only minutes away from my house. Let’s just say, the treadmill is mighty tempting

Armed with Will and Determination…

I am going to do the unthinkable, well… for me anyway. I am going to run consistently, for the next few months, without a race on my calendar. I’m not the greatest at running and training regularly without something to motivate me. I’ve written about it timeĀ and timeĀ and time again. But, friends, it is about

I’m All About That Base (Build Up)

I love interval running. I have sang it’s praises time and time again. I have not been running long enough to be able to run a half marathon straight through without walking breaks. I am not consistent enough with my training plan, my cross training, or my nutrition to be a long distance runner. Maybe