superhero muffins

Running Fuel: Superhero Muffins

I don’t know about you, but watching Shalane Flanagan proclaim “fuck yeah” at the New York marathon finish line was, hands down, my favourite moment of this year. Dude, I’m not even American and it was rad as hell. This woman is amazing and strong, and she OWNED that moment that she worked so hard for. In

dog anxiety

My Dog is Both the Best and Worst Thing For My Anxiety

Ever since I was little, I wanted a dog. Something adorable and smelly to chase around the backyard. To sneak my vegetables to under the table when I didn’t want to eat them. To cuddle up with on cold winter nights. Well, it took 27 years, but I finally got that dog. I’ve mentioned my


Switching Gears: In Defense of the Mighty Treadmill

We are in the dead of winter here in Canada – and yes, I’m well aware that it isn’t even winter yet and it’s only November. I am a giant suck and a fair-weather runner, who happens to have a gym only minutes away from my house. Let’s just say, the treadmill is mighty tempting


4 Podcasts to Creep You Out on Your Long Runs and 1 to Make You Laugh

In January 2015, I started training for my first half marathon. Seeing as it was a spring run (May) AND I live in western Canada (snow, snow, all the snow), I knew I would be logging plenty of treadmill miles. After the first few five mile dread-mill runs of my training season, I quickly learned