To Bieb or not to Bieb…

I unabashedly love Justin Bieber. Yep. I have Bieber fever.

His catchy tunes – particularly Sorry – have gotten me through some of my toughest runs. I listened to that song religiously throughout training for my second half. I’m not even the least bit sorry about that. Ha! Seriously this album though

For each one of my runs, I have my favourite training songs. It’s funny – if I hear any of them on the radio or streaming out of a friend’s iPhone, I’m instantly transported to that time and that race. Of course, they are all crazy popular, predictable pop songs, but I love them all the same.

My first two races were run to the beat of Iggy Azalea’s Fancy and Charlie XCX’s Boom Clap. My first half to the sweet grown up sounds of baby Nick Jonas’ Jealous. My speediest 10k had me singing along to Sia’s Cheap Thrills (the Sean Paul version obvi).

This year, I felt so grateful when Iggy and Bieber dropped new tracks a couple weeks before the Calgary half. Switch and The One kept me pumped when I just wanted to stop.

What are your favourite running tunes? Are you a sucker for popular ones like I am? Let me know.

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