My 5 Point Post-Run Checklist

Well, you just finished a run. Are you stuck for ideas on what to do next? Never fear friends, I have a few to share with you.

Here is the tried and true Little Anxious Runner checklist. Check it out!


Did you finish 5k or 50k? Was it an easy run, tempo run, speed work, or a long run? Was it outside on the trails or on the treadmill at the gym? Doesn’t matter. Celebrate the hell out of your accomplishments. Whether it went the way you wanted to or you tapped out early, it doesn’t matter. You still went out there and did the work.

This has been super hard for me. One of the reasons why I’m not running another half marathon anytime soon is because I beat myself up after EVERY SINGLE RUN on my half marathon training plan. Whether it was a good or bad session, I didn’t think I did enough. Now that I’m focusing on running happy (while yes, still having some goals), I am trying to pat  myself on the back every time I lace up. I’m focusing on the strength of my body, my joy, my determination, WE DID SOMETHING! Celebrate!

Stretch and roll it out

I have been terrible following through with this. My right hip and glute medius have been angry for the last month. My massage therapist has stressed to me that while it’s not really a big problem now, this could lead to serious issues in the future. Since I have big plans to continue running for the next couple decades, I have to practice some body self care. I’ve been foam rolling after every run – at the gym, so I don’t skip it when I get home, which happens (as I’m so excited to move onto the next step, duh!) Lately, I’ve been doing stretches and even been using my handy hand roller too.

Don’t be like me and wait til goes awry. Roll and stretch. Now. After every run. So your bum won’t be as angry as mine is.


Clearly this is my FAVE part of the post-run checklist. What? You don’t run for food?!? I typically hydrate with nuun during any run I do, as I’m prone to migraines from dehydration. Try to eat within 30 minutes of a run (Erika will give me info cause she’s rad).

Self Care, yo

This will look a little different for everyone. For me, it’s typically having an Epsom salt bath or watching something on Netflix. After a particularly draining run, I’ve been known to take a nap.

Give yourself a little bit of pampering. It could be an excited dance party around the kitchen while making your post-run snack, wearing super comfy slippers, taking a few minutes to smile about what you accomplished, stopping at Starbucks, listening to your favourite playlist, or calling a friend. Work this into your routine and stick with it. It can really help. Especially after the bad runs.


Okay, now it’s time to take a look at how your run went. Even if you’re not training for anything, check in with your body and mind to see how you feel. Track your mileage, if you are a nerd like me. I jot my miles and time down in my planner, and I’ve recently started to track my splits in a smaller notebook (seriously, I’m addicted to office supplies).If training, it’s time to check in to see if you got your splits and mileage down.

My favourite part of reviewing my run is to share my time and distance with my partner and my best running friend. Apart from keeping myself accountable, their support can really help when the bad runs come. Also, it’s nice to get kudos!

Well, friends. That’s what I do after every run. What is on your checklist? Let me know below, on Twitter or Instagram

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